The Advanced Nasal Insert

Breathe The Difference

A class 1 medical devices with an Electrostatic Filter providing over 90% effective defense against airborne viruses, bacteria, pollution and allergens. Effect for Air Allergies and Air Travel.


Nobody will notice you’re wearing it! It’s like your own personal secret agent. License to breathe.

Drug-Free, Latex-Free: A Natural Remedy

Instant relief from your breathing related ailments … without taking any medication! Feel better, breathe better!

Increases Airflow

Increases airflow more than the leading nasal strips.

Therapeutic Essential Oils

SleepWELL nasal dilators include lavender and are specially formulated to provided drug-free relief to and a calming experience for a restful night of sleep.

How To Use

1. Wash Hands

2. Place Within Nose

3. Fit Comfortably

4. Breathe Easy